Current Political Garbage

Hi – I haven’t been on this blog much, but there’s never enough time.  Ever said that before?  I would love to write on all these blogs.  I am a therapist and work with families and write about that. I have grandkids, and of course, I still have a job.  And nowadays, I am very angry and frustrated about stupid politics and all the bizarre things going on against gays and lesbians, and against women.  I mean, really.  Does it make any sense.  Here I will show my politics, but I am so frustrated with the Citizens United, allowing money to buy elections.  Frustrated with the stupid governor of Wisconsin, Mitt Romney and his picking Paul Ryan.  These people have such archaic views and they are really not about helping people.  I find it hard to believe they are so selfish.   Billionaires with not enough power and money – they want more, at everyone else’s expense.  So sad.  And the law should be telling we women we have to get vaginal probes by doctors whether we want one or not?  Where do they get the audacity?  And why are women voting for the Republicans? Anyone tell me?
 Can you tell where I’m coming from?  I am glad we have Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin – let’s home she wins.  Be sure you vote for Democratic house and senate members so we can get rid of Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan, who were part of stopping everything Obama tried to pass.  Plus many tea party members of congress, making it a 5% approval rating.  Also, I’m one of those people who pays much more than Mitt Romney in taxes!