Self-Improvement To Abundance?

What does self-improvement have to do with abundance, affiliate marketing, the internet, seo, making money online?
What does self-improvement mean? Why worry about that?
Because if we don’t, old habits, old ways of thinking, other people get in the way.  How can we open ourselves up for abundance and joy in life if we do not prepare ourselves? Most of us are carrying around a lot of baggage that gets in the way when we try to change our life into a positive unless we understand what the baggage is about, why we still have it, and we get RID of it.  I actually used a visualization of me pushing all that old stuff, all that old baggage, off a cliff. I think it helped.
I work as a therapist and see many people who continue doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results. 
For example, someone who complains about their friend all the time, but the “someone” never does anything to change it, they only complain. Well, nothing will change at that rate, will it. So, how badly does she want to change? 
But using this analogy, we can say we want our life to be better, we can say we want to do all these fun, exciting things, but unless we are really willing to take some risks, change our behaviors, and break old habits, things will not change.
What does abundance, affiliate marketing, the internet, seo, making money online, all have to do with this information?  Well, it has been my path.  I have sought more money. I had some things fall apart in my life.  I  have a lot of determination.  I did the belief in abundance and have pursued trainings online over time to find the best option for me.  Now, I’m one of those people who has to keep my day job while I do another job – many of us do.  But I also have waded through a lot of junk out there to find the gold – what helps the most, what works, what is clear – not “I still don’t know how!”  I hate that, don’t you? I still struggle with technical issues, but I do outsource. 
Because of my journey and my skills and intellect, I have decided to put up a website that will help others find some of these solutions much easier.  I also believe things keep changing so quickly on the internet.  Are you just interested in making some honest, fun money doing what you love?  Need to pay off those bills?  Wouldn’t $300-$500./month be great.  We don’t have to be in the millionaires category.  I’m not sure I aspire to that, because it would consume my life and I don’t want that.  I like to have fun. 
Since it has been some time since I published on my blog, I’m guessing that a lot has happened to people online.  I hope it’s all good.  But unfortunately, I know that is not the case for everyone.  My life continues to improve and I’m always grateful.  That “attitude of gratitude”.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  Right now my family is all healthy, I’m healthy, employed with benefits, etc.  Some of that sure makes life easier.  When one doesn’t have to worry about those we love and when one doesn’t have to worry about paying bills, Life Is Good.  However, my daughter is laid off and having a difficult time finding suitable employment, even in Chicago.  I wish I could help.  Yikes.
I continue using all my knowledge on the internet and I realize how much I’ve learned over the years.  It makes it much easier.
All for now, but I hope to be back sooner, rather than later.

A Better 2012!

I’m really hoping for things to improve in the world. Mind you, my life really does get better and better, but I personally feel sad about what others are going through.  I live in an area that was hard hit by the economy and there is a high percentage of poverty and unemployment in my area.  I work with children, and their lives are affected by the poverty, unemployment, homelessness of their parents.  I am amazed at the number of divorces I see due to the unemployment and poverty.  Many of the fathers of the kids worked in construction and our construction industry i.e. housebuilding, has decreased to 0, so these fathers, without other skills, have no work, no benefits, etc.  I see the impact on their marriages and their children.  The poor kids come to school and are so sad about parents fighting all the time. 
So, yes, I want to see the world improve.  I want people to earn a living wage, have health insurance and retirement again.  I want the 99% to be treated with dignity.  I want the teachers and nurses and firefighters and police officers to be respected for the hard work they do, instead of denigrated for “earning too much money” which none of them do.  They may earn above poverty, but everyone should have the ability to earn enough to pay bills and drive a decent car.  No one should have to pay $700. a month or more for health insurance.  I don’t understand how the CEO’s can have millions for a year, while their employees get wage freezes, wage cuts, vacation cuts, health insurance benefit cuts, retirement cuts. I don’t understand how that is okay.  I don’t understand how the executives of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were seeking bonuses this year, when they were involved in fradulent, unethical behavior that helped bring about the recession. 
YES, I WANT a BETTER LIFE tor people in 2012 – jobs, money for food, cost of living increases, etc.
Because the rich continue improving their life.  Again, my own life has improved, but I know that it would be different if I received that layoff notice, so I am eternally grateful for my luck.  I also have many skills and education that would help me with other employment, unlike many.  But I paid for my education through those school loans!!!!
So, let’s all work together to help each other.  There are even the ethical millionaires out there calling for things to be different – letting the wealthy pay more in taxes.  I am working with the Empower Network to help others improve their financial status through the work of marketing.

The Master’s

Did you watch the Master’s today? I am sorry that I didn’t get to watch it, especially the finish. I enjoy some of those events when it comes down to the final day. I tend to be that way about most sports -don’t know why. Give me the close 7,8, and 9th inning. Anyway, today was an emotional finish with Phil Mickelson – I’ve always liked him, anyway. And today, with his wife, was special. I remember hearing last year about his wife and mother being diagnosed with breast cancer. I have a friend who is currently struggling with a recurrence of her breast cancer. But I guess one of the realizations is that because of the struggles, people are sometimes brought closer together, or have another view of what is really important in life. It may be different that what we thought. Sometimes we need a reminder. So, perhaps this blog post can help people think of what they really value without such tragedies. I know last week I was just thinking how luck I am because I am older and my children, in-laws, and grandchildren are healthy. What a lot to be grateful for. And everyone is employed. As I know financial pressures often bring a great deal of stress and illness to people.
So, look at all there is to be grateful for in your life. Attitude of Gratitude! Check out this website . Also, you can go visit this blog for other advice.