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I’ve been working this summer in a different way learning about HYIP’s and the investment process and I’m still learning. But this week I cash in $200. and withdraw it to my bank account.  The Primfix program is great – yes, I actually got 210 % on $100. in 45 days.  So I took out the $110. and reinvested the $100. to go again. Yes, they actually paid, as have all the programs have paid me this summer.  Yes, I have lost some smaller amounts in accounts that did run forever and then after I invested, I lost money – they had trouble.  But as one spreads out the odds, the chances for success increase.  Yeay!! I just edited this site – all these are successful and paying me at the moment.  Unicorn has paid me week after week for months now. I don’t take it out every week, but…
I have made more money than I have through selling, and probably lost less because I’m not buying programs. So, overall, it helps me with my new car payment!!Check them out as an option. I use 2 HYIP monitoring sites for help also when I invest.  MNO blog and Goldpoll HYIP listing.  I check out length of existence, % of interest paid, and I pretty much only use alertpay as it is easier for me.  Consider the options but don’t risk more than you can afford.  I think it’s better than gambling, and actually for me, better than all these “sure money making programs” that I invested in.

Still going!!

Still succeeding.  I find it hard to believe and in some ways, I’m not sure how or why.  But yet I’ve worked toward this for a long time, and I’ve found a solution – again, not the way I thought it would happen.  But I can’t say I just lucked out.  I am being very cautious as I know some of my programs are “HYIP’s” but I am not investing excess amounts of money and I take out profits intermittently. This also helps me assess the safety of the program.  I also am invested in different programs, so if one is vulnerable, I have other programs. This e spreads out my risk.   Gulf Reserve, and Ad2Million are a few of my most responsive programs and most successful for me, currently.  Ad2Million taught me and many others that it is possible to make money online.  I don’t know how they continue to do it, but they are the best.  . Gulf Reserve is 4% daily.

Making money with internet marketing

So have you about had it with internet marketers driving you crazy? I went through this week and “unsubscribed” from a number of individuals. It was overwhelming. And, you know, when you are working at projects to move you forward and create more income, all that e-mail advertising becomes like very LOUD NOISE and keeps us from our goals/projects for the day.

I find myself wanting to open the e-mails and see what they are offering and the problem becomes that, these days, there is often something to learn from many of them and I love to watch the videos to learn more. But… we all only have so much time and we need to make the best use of it. So if I’m not getting all those e-mails in my mailbox, I am not tempted to read them or buy something. Because I already have some of the best programs available to me, it is silly to look at more until I make the complete use of the ones I have. Programs these days have so much great information in them. I love hearing about the different free sites, etc. that help us make more money, do more marketing, etc. Check out my reviews of online money-making programs.

So I have reviewed some of the programs I have worked with and that have helped me the most. I believe there has to be an internal growth and lots of hurdles in this business before one is really successful. I do not like all those headlines that make us believe we can earn “$24,000. in 24 hours”, for example. We all know that is more rare but marketers seem to like it because it brings in the “tire kickers” – those with curiosity. And we would ALL like those kind of results. They just aren’t very realistic for newbies in ANY program. And probably not for the oldies either until they have excellent programs and HUGE lists.

I am a Capricorn which is the goat that makes it to the top of the hill however it can. If that needs to be slow and methodical, so be it. The programs I review are programs that
may not promise “huge, immediate results”, but they help you learn consistency, techniques, and suggest “building that online real estate” – many small machines vs. one HUGE machine. So check out my reviews of online money-making programs.