Healthy Lifestyles

Hi – I have a good friend who has been participating in one of these health programs that involve vitamins, shakes, and everything else.  She is a nurse and does swear by it because of how it is truly making her feel better and younger and stabilized.  My problem is that her program is very expensive so one needs to be fairly wealthy to handle it.  Not an option for me, even though I believe her and need some of that.  I also don’t trust myself to be able to drink everything.  Yikes.  I’m a wuss about drinking stuff!
So my nephew shows up at Thanksgiving – a young, well-built ex-football player and he has discovered Juice Plus.  Well, I am looking for something to help me stabilize my body – I think after time in this world, we get out of balance and that makes weight loss harder also.  I listened to him and he and his mom have been using juice plus and love how it makes them feel.  Sounds beneficial and it is MUCH cheaper.  It is not vitamins, it is a whole food product  All the vegetables and fruits that we should be eating daily and they are
in capsule form. I also believe it is possible for me to do this.

You can get all this easily.

I believe that the better life includes health, not just abundance.  Also positive relationships.  When we feel good, we are better at relationships, also.  Positive.

Setting Goals

Anybody out there have a little ADHD like I do?  Well, that can get in the way of success, can’t it?  I have to find things that actually work and then I have to integrate them into my life until they become a habit.  Otherwise, I just get an idea, try something, and don’t stick with it.  I understand many successes on the internet have some ADHD behaviors.  This job is probably more suitable to them than a job in an office.  So, I’m excited about the many ideas we get.  But we need to narrow things down and follow through.

Yes, You Can

I have
1. set goals
2. limited programs
3.  set timelines – picked dates to be earning income levels
4.  Left enough activities to prevent boredom.
5.  Named a minimum amount of time for each on-line activity each week.
6.  Refuse new programs – develop what I have.
7.  Made a list of steps for each program.
Here’s a program I love.

Still going!!

Still succeeding.  I find it hard to believe and in some ways, I’m not sure how or why.  But yet I’ve worked toward this for a long time, and I’ve found a solution – again, not the way I thought it would happen.  But I can’t say I just lucked out.  I am being very cautious as I know some of my programs are “HYIP’s” but I am not investing excess amounts of money and I take out profits intermittently. This also helps me assess the safety of the program.  I also am invested in different programs, so if one is vulnerable, I have other programs. This e spreads out my risk.   Gulf Reserve, and Ad2Million are a few of my most responsive programs and most successful for me, currently.  Ad2Million taught me and many others that it is possible to make money online.  I don’t know how they continue to do it, but they are the best.  . Gulf Reserve is 4% daily.

I heard something today….. so- Believe It, Do It!!

I receive lots of e-mails with lots of making money online offers – they are all easy, you know, and they make us thousands of dollars in weeks. Lately many of them have videos – I’m afraid we are way too used to those videos now. Raises the expectations for all of us making money online from home. Anyway, I liked what the marketer had to say because he was saying
“Just get on with it!!” Cut all the baloney, quit listening to all the naysayers, quit listening to the bad news – in other words take control of your life, do something, and create your own possibilities. Believe it, Do it. This has been a belief of mine. We do control our own destiny.
Don’t sit around feeling bad for yourself and saying woe is me. And it is true that today you can get started without a lot of money. You can become an affiliate for nothing, you can start a blog for nothing, and write content and submit articles for nothing.

I found I have become a prolific writer as I have a lot of things floating around in my head that I have been expressing in articles, blogs, websites.

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Peace and Joy