Conceive and Achieve

So, I am writing here at the end of 2012 – as you may have heard, the world did not end, did it?  I didn’t think it would, but I do know things are changing -the earth’s energy is changing, global warming, astronomy, magnetic forces, etc.  And for some of those reasons, life is hard for some people.  Just look at hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast.  Look at the “stupid” fiscal cliff.  Which is totally unnecessary.  I have a daughter who lost her job because of her company’s bankruptcy and because of the fiscal cliff threat, she does not know if she will receive her unemployment next year – or if she can pay her rent.  Yes, stupid.  It is about the House of Representatives wanting to win – not about doing their job and taking care of their constituents.

But aside from them, I look forward to continuing success this next year.  I just found the best individual who is a coach and a genuine person.  I seemed to have recently bought stupid stuff that there is no one on the other end to help me in any way.  I hadn’t done that in a long time, but I got caught during the holidays.  No more.
So, make your goals for the new year,  decide what is important to you and how you are going to get there.
Best to you in 2013.

Newt Wins South Carolina

Post South Carolina Primary and Newt Gingrich won.  I get very concerned about the people that are running for office and the lack of integrity and concern for the public.  I have watched politics much closer as I’ve gotten older and I have to question if politicians really work for the people or for the big money causes.  The oil companies, anti-labor groups, those with the most cash.  That would not be the environmentalists, those fighting for equality for all, or for those trying to help children and poor or underprivileged.  The rich may throw some money in that direction, but with the billions that are out there, if they put their energy behind such causes, there would be cures.  Right now, the rhetoric that Newt is throwing out about welfare queens, obama giving out food stamps, and the poor living off the government, I know where his heart is.  I have always worked with children and underprivileged and not made a lot of money in the process, but I have passion about what I do.  I was always a single mom who ultra-religious husband left me with 3 children so he could be happy. Our children were 6,4, and 1. Sounds like Gingrich.  But their God forgives them. But I guess my point is that I was not poor because I was a third generation welfare mom. I was poor because I trusted my husband and stayed home with children and was at his mercy financially because of that. 
I also have a college educated son who just lost his job after surviving the 2+ years since the recession. But he is a young man who wants to work and has worked since he was 16.  He’s not a slacker accepting food stamps.  So, Gingrich needs to watch his stereotypes.  No one’s story is the same.  Perhaps if I were Newt or Mitt and lost my job, or my son lost his job, it wouldn’t matter because we were wealthy anyway. But that is not the case for the middle class, the working class. We need help to survive when we cannot get a job with a college education.  Making $8.00 an hour doesn’t pay for gas, and a house payment, and food. So when I hear this rhetoric from the republican nominees, I get angry.  They are wrong!!!
Newt was released as speaker of the house for a reason.
These are some of the reasons I work 2+ jobs, trying to change my money flow from that of someone who has always had to struggle with money to having it easier, but I’ll never make it to the status of a Newt financially. If you are where I’m at, here’s an idea.  Empower Network.

Holiday Time – Are you Ready Financially?

I guess I’m feeling it this year because so many things are out of our control, aren’t they?  I am very fortunate because of all that I have, including people and a job to pay the bills.  I am also being successful in other arenas.  But I am at an age where I am starting to worry about the stability of the future, insurance costs, etc.  I do believe it is true that the only ones safe from this economy is the 1%.  Does it feel like that to you? But I think that everyone fighting back will change things.  I believe people will be losing their elections and no longer be in office making such narrow minded decisions. I am a baby-boomer and was around in the 60’s so love to see this.  Yes, it is necessary and will help.  We won’t take it any more!!
Below, you will find some programs that I currently use to help my financial advantage, so the current economic crisis does not hit as hard as it hits others.  Again, I consider myself fortunate, but know how close we all are to that crisis. First is automatic profits machine,
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