Healthy Lifestyles

Hi – I have a good friend who has been participating in one of these health programs that involve vitamins, shakes, and everything else.  She is a nurse and does swear by it because of how it is truly making her feel better and younger and stabilized.  My problem is that her program is very expensive so one needs to be fairly wealthy to handle it.  Not an option for me, even though I believe her and need some of that.  I also don’t trust myself to be able to drink everything.  Yikes.  I’m a wuss about drinking stuff!
So my nephew shows up at Thanksgiving – a young, well-built ex-football player and he has discovered Juice Plus.  Well, I am looking for something to help me stabilize my body – I think after time in this world, we get out of balance and that makes weight loss harder also.  I listened to him and he and his mom have been using juice plus and love how it makes them feel.  Sounds beneficial and it is MUCH cheaper.  It is not vitamins, it is a whole food product  All the vegetables and fruits that we should be eating daily and they are
in capsule form. I also believe it is possible for me to do this.

You can get all this easily.

I believe that the better life includes health, not just abundance.  Also positive relationships.  When we feel good, we are better at relationships, also.  Positive.

The Good News Continues!

I haven’t been back online lately as I’ve had a busy summer.  I feel bad even saying that because I have the summer off, but you know, when that happens, there are always a lot of other projects to catch up on.  Jobs, chores, vacation, fun, internet work, family time. Sorry, but…. I love it.  It will be hard to go back.  Of course, there are those who work full-time at home.  As stated in my last blog, I have found some programs that have been NO-FAIL in returning interest on my investments.  Yes, it is risky as some programs do fail. So I have gone to some hyip blogs and found programs that have gone on for some time – i.e. a year or more.  Then I check them out for interest paid and invest small amounts of money.  Some programs have worked hard to work so that they feed themselves and are less likely to fail.  Again, I am fairly regularly making money online this way.  Previously, I have bought SO many programs and put in so much time and money and not made any money.I haven’t given up on them, but it is that fact that 85% fail online. Yikes. So when one does not need the money the same, it is easier to succeed.  I have learned so much from my 5+ years online. I will still look for way to market ideas and services online. I have a lot to offer people and I believe in it, and it is much better online than not.

What do you do for fun?

It is summer time and it’s time for fun. I have found some great sites that involve travel and camping. These sites include everything you could want for these summer activities. If camping is your pleasure, go here. I myself have a trip planned to the northwest to Seattle and the mountains and some islands. I’m really excited. How about you? Need accessories for your travels? I know I do. But also have to pack very compactly these days. This site even includes things for international travel. Check it out.

What is your Goal for Changing Your Life?

What are you doing to change your life or are you happy with the way things are? Which could be true and you are just finding validations on the internet. I often do that in my books – finding views that validate my experience of life. If we are not getting external affirmations, it is helpful to get internal affirmations. I have always lived that way, even as a child.
One of my goals for my life getting better and better is the financial status. I am developing multiple income opportunities, such as this – not because I am a materialistic person, but I do want to be more comfortable than ever and be able to travel and see the world and meet people. And to be able to enjoy more of life. I also love the internet world because I can be so creative. There are so many opportunities, ideas, expectations. The difficulty is that in the beginning it is time consuming when you have a family and another job. This new opportunity sounds great, based on my many years of learning and research on the internet. Check here.

Are You Determined?

One of the criteria that I’ve discovered helps with success in something that is difficult is determination. Determination helps you continue forward in spite of hurdles, roadblocks, and desire to quit. I found making money and being successful online to be very difficult yet lucrative.
There has been so much to learn about myself and about the internet marketing world. I had already been an entrepreneur, but this job brought other challenges. Yes, one must be determined because I think it is hard to build that empire, so people often have to do 2 jobs at the same time and that is difficult. I know I have heard complaints from others about my schedule, but I enjoy this work and find it very creative and exciting. Also, if one thing doesn’t work, there’s always another one to try. But don’t go into it without being determined to find the right path and succeed – whatever your definition of success is. Check out my website at


Here’s to the best for 2010. It was a rough year for many, for the economy, and for the unemployed, and many homeowners. But many took advantage of opportunities and made money, while at the same time, many were seeking new opportunities. All in all, it was quite a year and I, for one, am glad and believe the government helped curtail a full-scale depression. I am glad I live in the US, even though I am not always excited about it.
So, take this new year as a new opportunity to continue on your path to a new future for you. So, I wish the best for you in the New Year.
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