Healthy Lifestyles

Hi – I have a good friend who has been participating in one of these health programs that involve vitamins, shakes, and everything else.  She is a nurse and does swear by it because of how it is truly making her feel better and younger and stabilized.  My problem is that her program is very expensive so one needs to be fairly wealthy to handle it.  Not an option for me, even though I believe her and need some of that.  I also don’t trust myself to be able to drink everything.  Yikes.  I’m a wuss about drinking stuff!
So my nephew shows up at Thanksgiving – a young, well-built ex-football player and he has discovered Juice Plus.  Well, I am looking for something to help me stabilize my body – I think after time in this world, we get out of balance and that makes weight loss harder also.  I listened to him and he and his mom have been using juice plus and love how it makes them feel.  Sounds beneficial and it is MUCH cheaper.  It is not vitamins, it is a whole food product  All the vegetables and fruits that we should be eating daily and they are
in capsule form. I also believe it is possible for me to do this.

You can get all this easily.

I believe that the better life includes health, not just abundance.  Also positive relationships.  When we feel good, we are better at relationships, also.  Positive.

Happy Holidays! is the focus.

Are you in for happy holidays? Again, remember much of this is a mindset – what do you focus on – the good or the bad. I know sometimes that’s hard. I found out today that our 34 year old secretary had major surgery just to prevent breast cancer and last year, I had a nurse who suffered major breast cancer and had massive surgery. Boy, was I grateful that I am okay. Little hard to feel sorry for yourself when that’s going on. I am so grateful for everything. I know there have been many nights I lay down in bed at night and thank God for my wonderful mattress. I have so much more, but sometimes it’s good to go basic.

As we have all heard, it is still a message to focus on the positive. Be grateful. This affects us in our belief systems and how we work as an entrepreneur. Do we believe we can accomplish financial success and freedom. Remember, the purpose of financial freedom isn’t just lots of money, it means having the freedom to do as you wish without worry about finances. What that means to you can be an individual journey. You can check out my other blog –

Opportunities for Change

I continue looking for opportunities to change my life and at the same time, help change the world. Again, energetically, our positive attitudes, etc. can change the environment. If I am happy, I am sending out positive attitudes, joy, etc. There is also belief that gratitude changes our worlds. I try to continue with my gratitude for many small things i.e. when it is 90 outside, I am very grateful for my central air that works along with my very comfortable bed. I know that is much more than many people have. It is so easy to focus on the negative, I sometimes have to remind myself to revert back to the “gratitude” and “positive” attitudes.

I also have been on-line enough that I am cautious about many opportunities and have learned to recognize genuine sites with like-minded ideas and wanting to help others at the same time, helping themselves.

Take care. I will return with opportunities, ideas, etc. In the meantime, enjoy the good in life – perhaps even that beautiful day and/or flower, and have gratitude for good in your life.

Choose and accept joy!!