Healthy Lifestyles

Hi – I have a good friend who has been participating in one of these health programs that involve vitamins, shakes, and everything else.  She is a nurse and does swear by it because of how it is truly making her feel better and younger and stabilized.  My problem is that her program is very expensive so one needs to be fairly wealthy to handle it.  Not an option for me, even though I believe her and need some of that.  I also don’t trust myself to be able to drink everything.  Yikes.  I’m a wuss about drinking stuff!
So my nephew shows up at Thanksgiving – a young, well-built ex-football player and he has discovered Juice Plus.  Well, I am looking for something to help me stabilize my body – I think after time in this world, we get out of balance and that makes weight loss harder also.  I listened to him and he and his mom have been using juice plus and love how it makes them feel.  Sounds beneficial and it is MUCH cheaper.  It is not vitamins, it is a whole food product  All the vegetables and fruits that we should be eating daily and they are
in capsule form. I also believe it is possible for me to do this.

You can get all this easily.

I believe that the better life includes health, not just abundance.  Also positive relationships.  When we feel good, we are better at relationships, also.  Positive.

Things are happening….

In my years of researching, exploring on the internet, I have found people and programs that seem to have a lot of integrity. I have “LOST” money by taking chances and exploring programs and my own sense of confusion. I might buy something and never use it. I do get confused with the whole technical process. And sometimes I stop there and don’t go any further – I believe that issue is time because I work 1 1/2 jobs and I am in a relationship where they want to share time with me (aren’t I lucky?) Also, I have children and a grandchild that I enjoy seeing. So, how much time is left. But, luckily, I am home this summer and am spending almost every day working on some of these ideas.

I would like to share some of the best programs that I believe will work – at least for me. Please pay attention and check these out. I speak to you as a person with integrity, honesty, and I am someone who is interested in making more money so I can travel more, pay off bills, and have more fun in life. I am not interested in a lot of material goods – fancy cars, etc. I just want to live life to my fullest, and share with others.
Find joy.