Conceive and Achieve

So, I am writing here at the end of 2012 – as you may have heard, the world did not end, did it?  I didn’t think it would, but I do know things are changing -the earth’s energy is changing, global warming, astronomy, magnetic forces, etc.  And for some of those reasons, life is hard for some people.  Just look at hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast.  Look at the “stupid” fiscal cliff.  Which is totally unnecessary.  I have a daughter who lost her job because of her company’s bankruptcy and because of the fiscal cliff threat, she does not know if she will receive her unemployment next year – or if she can pay her rent.  Yes, stupid.  It is about the House of Representatives wanting to win – not about doing their job and taking care of their constituents.

But aside from them, I look forward to continuing success this next year.  I just found the best individual who is a coach and a genuine person.  I seemed to have recently bought stupid stuff that there is no one on the other end to help me in any way.  I hadn’t done that in a long time, but I got caught during the holidays.  No more.
So, make your goals for the new year,  decide what is important to you and how you are going to get there.
Best to you in 2013.

Setting Goals

Anybody out there have a little ADHD like I do?  Well, that can get in the way of success, can’t it?  I have to find things that actually work and then I have to integrate them into my life until they become a habit.  Otherwise, I just get an idea, try something, and don’t stick with it.  I understand many successes on the internet have some ADHD behaviors.  This job is probably more suitable to them than a job in an office.  So, I’m excited about the many ideas we get.  But we need to narrow things down and follow through.

Yes, You Can

I have
1. set goals
2. limited programs
3.  set timelines – picked dates to be earning income levels
4.  Left enough activities to prevent boredom.
5.  Named a minimum amount of time for each on-line activity each week.
6.  Refuse new programs – develop what I have.
7.  Made a list of steps for each program.
Here’s a program I love.

My Life Does Get Better!

It has been a very good year for me. Supporting the blog theme – Life Gets Better and Better.  I do believe that my path as a spiritual seeker has brought me a long way in learning about life and how it works.  Yes, with age comes wisdom. If you will notice, most people do not want to go back to another age, they like being older, wisdom wise.  Physically is another story.  But I wouldn’t want to go through some experiences again.  And I have learned the secret about manifesting your destiny, and I have positive statements I repeat over and over again about what I want my life to look like, and it does happen.  I am in a very good place in my life.  I had a surprise birthday party this weekend and all the people in my life are really genuine and special. Lucky me. But that’s also a reflection of what I put out there.  I have earned the respect of those people. I raised wonderful children on my own.  I worked my butt off and I am very proud.  I also am very grateful every day as I know how tenuous life can be.  Every day is definitely a gift.  Everyone in my life is healthy and good.  I am so happy for them and that makes me happy that they are doing so well – and it is not about money.  It is about who they are as people.  And this is during a time of stress and economic struggle for many people.  But I look at who all these people are, and I am so proud.  So, my life does get better and better because of PEOPLE.  I continue on other quests to gain financial freedom but not at the expense of integrity and people.  Check out these programs to help you find more ease in life – the Empower Network is about helping each other, building upon someone else’s success.  The Automatic Profit Machine is similar, but without the support of the long-term blog.  Go there and do your research.

So how are we all doing???

Well, I for one have had to set some definite deadlines to get going – it really is easy to get caught up in new offers, e-mails, learning, information – as many gurus say – stop the learning and start the doing. My ADHD gets in the way sometimes. Many people who like this kind of work and are creative, have ADHD characteristics. I know I’m easily distracted by new ideas, etc.
One goal is to have a new cd produced and out for one of my niche markets by August 3. I’m going to Cape Cod for a week in between now and then. What do you think? Can I do it?

I’m also promoting my site. Check it out. I also am a member and they are a great help to me as a coaching club.

The website has had some issues with paypal but all is cleared up now and we are back on track.

One of my al time favorites for personal and for re-sale, of course, is Internet Marketing Systems – this staff has always come up with good material and help. My site for them is You can’t go wrong with them. If you are a newbie or looking for help that is not just about “making quick money for the other guy” but about building a business for you in the long wrong, check out the maverick money makers and get insider secrets websites. They will help you build your business.

Peace, joy, prosperity, and freedom to you all in your endeavors.
Make good use of your time – avoid the “busy” stuff and so will I.