Conceive and Achieve

So, I am writing here at the end of 2012 – as you may have heard, the world did not end, did it?  I didn’t think it would, but I do know things are changing -the earth’s energy is changing, global warming, astronomy, magnetic forces, etc.  And for some of those reasons, life is hard for some people.  Just look at hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast.  Look at the “stupid” fiscal cliff.  Which is totally unnecessary.  I have a daughter who lost her job because of her company’s bankruptcy and because of the fiscal cliff threat, she does not know if she will receive her unemployment next year – or if she can pay her rent.  Yes, stupid.  It is about the House of Representatives wanting to win – not about doing their job and taking care of their constituents.

But aside from them, I look forward to continuing success this next year.  I just found the best individual who is a coach and a genuine person.  I seemed to have recently bought stupid stuff that there is no one on the other end to help me in any way.  I hadn’t done that in a long time, but I got caught during the holidays.  No more.
So, make your goals for the new year,  decide what is important to you and how you are going to get there.
Best to you in 2013.

Well, I ‘ve Been Missing…

Gee, I hope I didn’t lose everybody. Blogs can take a lot of work unless you have someone do the writing for you. I like expressing myself, but life gets in the way sometimes. Especially when you get to enjoy the fun part of life. Yes, I have been busy. Currently working, some traveling, and family.
I think I will focus one fewer blogs and that will make for better focus and attention. Too much equals less of quality.
I have done the same with business endeavors. I have discovered that there is TOOOOOOO much to do on the internet and that can get in the way of life. So, how about we narrow it down and do less. “Focus, focus, focus, people!” (I think that’s from a movie). I also work with kids a lot, so… perhaps that’s where it comes from. I have heard that many who work on the internet have ADHD, me included. I do need help focusing. This is why I’ve narrowed down business ventures. I have chosen one that gives a much larger return, so with the same amount of work, I can get a larger income. That’s sort of a duh! I found there is so much to do to market and how time-consuming it is, and we need really large returns on our investments of people signing in and signing up, to get a good rate of return. It helps to have a large-ticket item. Mine returns anywhere from $500. to $6500., depending on where people sign up at, and what products they desire. I am so excited. More time for that fun and family and LIFE.
So, feel free to check it out.