My goal is to help others find all the possibilities

I find myself to be a conservative liberal – I am very creative, many ideas, willing to take chances, believe in the possibilities, give others permission to be themselves, find myself “jumping off cliffs” emotionally, friends have told me I’m very liberal, yet I hide in this very conservatively dressed and presenting body.

I hope to share ideas I’ve learned as I go along. I’ve lived a spiritual life. I’ve been to the pits financially and emotionally. I was a single mom for 20 years. I am an educated person, but that would involve working with children, and we all know that doesn’t pay. I do believe that we need to have money to survive in this world and become our fullest. Maslow’s hierarchy indicates that we cannot live to our fullest if we are living at a survival level. I find that I have

done so. I also have moved beyond that and find that I can be creative and give more of myself when my basic needs are taken care of. Now I have the money for other things. I believe when I made a choice to buy my lifelong dream of a miata – even though it was a 97 miata off e-bay, I made my decision to change my life. And now it all comes. I will share ideas with you that I think are valuable and filled with integrity and you can choose or not – I do find that it takes effort to sort out the ideas that are scams and those that are filled with integrity.

idea 1:super affiliate handbook

Abundance for all,