Online Mental Health

Online Mental Health When You Need Help

Online mental health and it’s importance while our world is going through a global crisis like most of us have never seen before.  So, no wonder you are thinking I need help! Online Mental Health can be a solution for many.  There are many options available, including crisis phone lines.  There is currently a great deal of stress on people that they have never experienced before and we don’t know what to do.  How can we? It is not in our control at this time.

I think of those who are losing much of their income, those who have no childcare, those who live in abusive or toxic environments.  Work and school were breaks for people, involving solutions, food, a mental break. Now, most people will be home with tv, their cellphones, and the internet.

I Need Help! Online Mental Health
Online Mental Health

Online Mental Health

Is it okay to need Online Mental Health support?  Yes, Yes, Yes. Right now many of us are struggling to understand, cope, get rid of our fears, or live with our fears.  We are concerned about our families, our parents, our children.  Ourselves.  You do not have to do this alone. We are all struggling. I find myself saying how fortunate I am, and I am. But that does not mean this is not hard for me.  I like people and it is hard to be isolated.  And it feels like day after day, when they talk about months.  Yikes.  So it helps to get affirmation from someone else.  It really does.

Or someone to help with my “crazy thinking”.  In a vacuum our thoughts can get a little intense and we go down the “rabbit hole”, where one negative thought leads to another. Then we get depressed and see no hope. Online mental health means having someone help us with that is worth a fortune. This post refers to different types of online mental health providers.

What can you do besides online mental

Another option


What else can you do besides online mental health, or in addition to it?  There are many options and if you are online, you will see many helpers out there trying to come up with ways to make this better for all of us.

  •   1. I find humor works for me. I’ve found myself laughing outloud at stupid videos, but it helps me.
  • 2.  Get outside as much as you can but away from people. Get your kids outside – they need it.  Walk, exercise, enjoy the air, wind, sun, nature. I have outdoor chores to do.
  • 3. I am on facebook but from the helpful perspective – I share ideas for people – like Mo Willems doing a doodling with kids every day. Or today online virtual tours like Anne Frank’s home for 2 years or the Louvre, or a virtual ride at disney world.
  • 4. Talk to people you care about on the phone.
  • 5. Figure out ways to help others.  Do you know an elderly person who needs help or groceries – get them for them. What can you do for someone and realize the world is a big place, not just your little home.
  • 6. Look for positive news about the virus, positive stories because it is not all gloom and doom.  But do your part to keep it from spreading.
  • 7.  Become self-aware and figure out what helps you and others in your house – it might be different. Someone may need to hide out and read a book, someone may need to play games, someone may need to get outside more. Learn about yourself.

    online mental health
    Online mental health providers

Can Online Mental Health Help You?

Even as I’ve written this post the numbers out there have changed re: co-vid19.  I don’t know if there is more positive news about it being contained or not. But the numbers rise quickly.  If your state ordered self-distancing a while ago and you are doing it, that is hopeful.  Wash your hands.  And when you are cooped up at home and get down, feel free to seek out online mental health support.  It is okay.  Do what is best for you and what you can live with.  Put on the oxygem mask first and be smart.